Sparky Maelstrom (Birthday unknown) is the bassist in Freen in Green. He claims to hail from another dimension, and have control over the element of electricity as an electric djinn. He was sealed away in the human realm in a suspicious pink and green marble-like object until he was freed by drummer Annachie Myles in 2009.

Early Life

According to Sparky, he was "totally loved" back in his home dimension, and it was jealousy that caused several other marauding genies to seal him away, but that story isn't really believed by his bandmates. He also claims that he had a "really lame" job that's similar to blacksmithing that he found boring, and was shuffled around between jobs in what would be equivalent to his teen years.

Other than that, Sparky's past remains generally mysterious, but no one really questions it within the band.

Music Career

Sparky claims that he began learning an instrument similar to that of a double-bass back home, but never found it particularly interesting as "traditional genie music is super lame" and instead began piecing together repetitive yet catchy riffs during his regular practice as opposed to the curriculum he was given.

Sparky became the bassist of Freen in Green after a failed attempt at playing a guitar, which was too small for him to play properly due to his size. He also claims the repetitive nature of his riffs stems from his childhood practise sessions.

Personal Life

Generally Sparky can be found in the band's rehearsal space watching TV or movies. He considers himself a movie buff, even though most of his movie knowledge comes from TV re-runs. He's also been known to dabble into watching sports television, and claims that he has to pay tribute to his new homeland by investing himself fully into the sport of Hockey. It's unclear whether he really knows how to play, or if he just enjoys the fights.