Zoot 9000 (sometimes referred to as "Zoot 9k" or simply "Zoot") (built April 20'th, 2009) is a multi-instrumentalist in the band Freen in Green, usually preferring to play keyboards. As a robot, Zoot also runs most of the processing and backing tracks that need to happen during life performances with the band.

Early Life

Zoot was created on April 20'th, 2009 out of a heap or tossed goods by bassist Sparky Maelstrom in an effort to prove his validity as a genie. While only intending to animate Zoot for the purposes of demonstrating his power, Sparky didn't account for the ongoing sentience of Zoot, or that his creation would eventually track him down and join his newly formed band.

Music Career

Beginning in 2009, Zoot joined Freen in Green as the keyboardist of the band, but quickly proved himself useful on guitar, and electronic drums. During formal interviews, the band usually still credits Zoot as a keyboardist however.

Personal Life

In Zoot's off time, he can be found charging his batteries at the nearest available electrical outlet (usually to great dismay to those paying the electrical bill) or hanging out with Spektra while playing video games using his face as a screen.

It should also be noted that Spektra tends to manifest herself within Zoot very frequently, to the point where Zoot's body is likely considered her main residence. Occasionally she might possess Zoot's motor functions while he's in sleep mode in order to interact physically with the world and band, as she's currently unable to do so on her own.


Zoot's major influences stem from electro-swing and big band music. He's also been known to enjoy Reggae and Ska as well.